Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Human Flying Saucer!

Here is a comics story that renders my poll on the right there irrelevant. It turns out that flying saucers are not from outer space, not from another dimension, not from the inner earth. Flying saucers are fat guys! Now we know, thanks to Otto Binder and CC Beck! Thanks guys!

Hopefully you realize you can click the pics to enlarge them to super-large reading size.
I had read about Fatman for years, that it was an attempt to revive the Captain Marvel magic but it failed miserably and only lasted 3 issues. However, I've read the entire (short) run and found them very amusing. CC Beck certainly hadn't lost anything as an artist and Binder got to mix his Captain Marvel writing style with his love of UFOs. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the stories, and I hope you enjoy this one.
Scans courtesy http://www.goldenagecomics.co.uk/

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