Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does Bigfoot Have Six Fingers?

That same North Carolina dude from the other day is back, this time on a TV news report, describing his encounter with Knobby the Bigfoot. This time, as you can see in the embedded video below, he says Knobby has beautiful blonde hair and a long beard! And he also says it looked like Knobby had SIX FINGERS on each hand. I found that interesting, since John A. Keel once wrote that there were many skeletons of six-fingered giants discovered in America which supposedly have been hidden and suppressed.

Here is a link to the article online: http://www.wcnc.com/news/local/Big-Foot-spotting-in-Cleveland-County-96348919.html
I think Tim Peeler should get his own Bigfoot reality show! Keep a live cam on his dogs at all times, since Knobby seems to want to eat them!!!

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  1. wowser. I think he wants Knobby as his bride.