Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Timothy Green Beckley on Coast to Coast AM Tonight!


Put the dog out, turn down the lights, kiss your significant other goodnight and turn up the radio and listen TONIGHT Wednesday, August 18th to our own UFO hunting, paranormal crazed Tim Beckley as he discusses his new book CURSE OF THE MEN IN BLACK with host George Noory. 
We are trying to arrange a special phone number where listeners can call in to the program to relate their own horrific encounters with those dreaded MIB who threaten, harass, molest and possibly even do away with UFO researchers who don't tow the line and do as instructed to remain silent.

Beckley will also discuss his recently released  REVEALING THE BIZARRE POWERS OF HARRY HOUDINI - PSYCHIC? MEDIUM? PROPHET? CLAIRVOYANT? Tim sees a great similarity between today's fields of UFOlogy and the paranormal to the glory days of                                            spiritualism that swept the world over a hundred years ago. He notes that many of the phenomenon reportedly observed in the seance room duplicates that of today's orbs, UFOs, levitation, teleportation and a host of other strange occurrences'.
He will also tal k about the constant bickering and backstabbing attitude of the debunkers and non believers toward the true
believer and those who claim to produce or are closely associated with such phenomenon themselves. Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and
escape artist/magician and egotistical showman,  Harry Houdini carried on a bitter feud for years over such matters. Beckley compares this feud to
the one  between super psychic Uri Geller and arch debunker the Amazing Randi, an escape artist just like Houdini. 

Tim first met Uri Geller when the young Israeli came to the U.S. to be tested by several university research facilities under tight laboratory conditions. Beckley says he saw Uri perform some remarkable feats of an unexplainable nature which he does not believe involved any form of trickery. Two of the most remarkable events took place on a trip to Muhammad Ali's training camp in Deer Lake, PA.   MR UFO will also reveal that he knew the Amazing Randi and actually shared office space with him, Randi even discussing the idea that Beckley might work with him in the capacity of manager (which never came about). Beckley was also a guest on Randi's all night talk show back in 1965.

Coast to Coast AM is carried on over 500 stations in all 50 states. Check the C2C website for local affiliates.
We often listen ourselves on our lap top to streaming versions which can be heard during broadcast hours. Two affiliates we recommend are:  and
If you go to the KTLK link an hour ahead of time you can hear Darkness Radio one of our favorite paranormal programs where the host DOESN'T
spend half the time talking about himself or telling jokes which are by no means funny.

Call in Coast to Coast AM and ask Tim a question and have your friends listen as well. 

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