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MISTY Pt 1: Subway Jesus!

I'm happy to begin my interview with the mysterious "Misty," a friend of Timothy Green Beckley's who writes about many fascinating things, including her time-travelling experiences! I sent her a 14 question interview, and she has just sent back her answer to the first question: a FIVE PAGE answer to just the FIRST question. The extra-in-depth interview with "Misty" begins after the jump!

Sergeant Saucer interview of Misty. 13 July 2010

SARGE: You once encountered a 30-year-old British businessman on the subway yet knew he was Jesus. How did you know and why do you think nobody else saw him as Jesus?

MISTY: It didn’t dawn on me it was Jesus in London in about 1981, until many years later after I’d developed the ability to commune with Him and asked Him direct – “Was that You on the tube train in London?” If I’d known I’d become a writer, I could have written a story on it at the time. Back then words were not my forte, I only did drawings and diagrams to remember stuff. After taking up reading my word repertoire increased and now it’s much easier to explain. At that time, around 1980/81, I was a complete new ager and had rejected Christianity. I was a member of The Rosicrucian Fellowship, started by Max Heindel since 1975 and stayed til 1984. Not to be confused with that Rosicrucian AMORC society that advertises in magazines. My upbringing was Catholic and I refused to believe it was a good path to follow, even though Jesus appeared to me in a Catholic Church when I was about 14. He turned me to dust for a moment and back again. I’ll explain more later. My contact with Jesus has certainly been shocking on occasion and I also encountered Him when I was in Egypt on holiday. He took me to his kingdom in the etheric world, but I didn’t remember the details until later on. The memory was in my etheric brain.
Back then Jesus was not someone I was looking for, especially since He’d turned me to dust! Instead I was looking for Maitreya, as Benjamin Creme his channeller was putting full-page ads in the English papers announcing the Messiah had come. That was intriguing and a novelty then as the English were still looking to the past for answers. King Arthur, Merlin etc.  It seemed be more rational and up-to-date for an ET to create ‘technological’ miracles. This satisfied my then ET aware mind what happened in the Bible. It was all -- ETs did  everything, no miracles can really happen. Probably because I used to chat with ETs every night, from the moment I joined The Roscrucian Fellowship. They were the hidden controllers. It took forever to know they were ETs though as I was only 21 when I joined and nobody knew much about them and it was only because they parked their UFO in the sky outside my window at night, that I had to accept these were no ‘spirits’ chatting. My visitors used to say, Yes that is definitely a UFO outside.
Benjamin Creme said to look out for an entity in a ‘borrowed’ Pakistani body walking around London. I went to  Creme’s workshop at the Festival Of  Mind, Body and Spirit. Creme was totally incompetent and forgot a lot of things he was trying to get across and was awfully dull and even seemed grouchy. Creme said Maitreya hadn’t yet appeared to him. I figured, well this Maitreya/Messiah doesn’t have a good advocate and fancy not even meeting this entity yet even though he is apparently walking around London.
Later on I was sitting at a stall selling books for The Rosicrucian Fellowship, and felt a non-human enter the hall. I was hyper-sensitive in my nerves after many years of talking to ETs from our solar system daily, and felt this ‘entity’ walk around the ground floor until he came straight past me and gave me the biggest smile ever, as if to say..Ahh someone knows I’m here. I looked at this ‘entity’ in what appeared to be a Pakistani/Indian body and pondered, well this is not exactly the coming world leader to run the planet I was expecting. He only look aware, rather than powerful and it seemed as if he was only using an opportunity of ignorance in the masses about the real purpose of his ET group to muscle in on people’s hope for the Messiah to return. Perhaps he got in quick before other ETs started taking over by stealth making alliances with various countries.

Looking at him with etheric vision I sensed there was a flaming blue fire rising around the spine of this “Pakistani” looking entity. Not seen that in a normal human before. Weighing up the possibility of whether he was Maitreya or not --he was the only person of his race visible amongst the throng of newagers. Multiculturalism wasn’t strong back then. Maitreya said he would be appearing in London. Creme was promoting him at the venue. He had more likelihood of being recognised by newagers. I went downstairs to Creme and said Maitreya might be here at the venue. He stuck his nose up in the air and said he would have made himself known to me not to you. Surely anybody with Maitreya’s intentions would go to a venue where he was being promoted by his own channeller? I thought it does seem a little odd Creme hasn’t yet met him, yet how could he not notice an unusual Pakistani standing out like a sore thumb in a venue with people looking for something else to believe in?

 Later I saw his photo when he materialized to a crowd in Kenya and it looked like the man I saw. I thought surely the Messiah coming back would have more pomp and ceremony, and be truly magnificent. This half hearted attempt by someone who is confused, to promote an ET or whatever he is as World Teacher occupying someone else’s body wandering around hoping to be noticed by sensitive souls, is a bit hit and miss. He was also trying to appear on everyone’s TVs at once, but that didn’t happen either.
Whether it was actually ‘Maitreya’ I saw, I can’t be 100% sure but the Pakistani at the Festival didn’t appear to be a normal human.
I put my ‘Messiah’ seeking to one side as this set up was a big flop!
 Then one night I woke up and looked at the bookcase next to the bed and saw all my books had coloured pictures wrapped around them of their content, like a hologram. I had a lot of electricity in my body and my etheric double was loose and sometimes, I’d be half in the next dimension and see more than what the normal eyes did. The Bible was shining like the sun on the shelf. After feeling a slight inkling of hope maybe there was something to it I tried to read it but it was too difficult. It didn’t have enough explanations about why something happened, so stopped at the Exodus. It required more faith to press on and I didn’t have any and knew too many rules would come up in the next chapters and being a law unto myself didn’t want to hear them. However ETs ruled still as far as I was concerned - the ones I spoke to from our solar system who taught me the meaning of life and the universe and took me on adventures in the spiritual worlds to other planets. I have never been abducted physically by ETs as far as I know. They just used to come in my room in their etheric double, as they could detach their top ethers. I’d see them with my etheric vision, though it was only in embyonic development. My friend in London, also in the Rosicrucian Fellowship could deteach her ethers and go wandering in her etheric double as well. I doubt the local ETs abduct people, they are too advanced. My ETs included Earth as their field of teaching. We are part of their evolution and as far as I was concerned then, I was a citizen of the Solar System. Mainly because I actually forgot my own birth country of New Zealand, after living in London too long and wasn’t firmly rooted anywhere on the planet. That may be a requirement to let go of Earth ties to become more positioned in their reality, which is not five sense based. I was taught by them we incarnate on all the planets in a solar system simultaneously.
Can’t remember the exact year, but it may possibly be a year or so later I was on the tube train in London and people were jam packed in the carriage standing up. It was after work rush hour and the overhead lights were harsh showing every line on our faces. I’d kinda gotten like the English and had withdrawn into myself when in a room of people and just stood there without acknowledging anyone, as they do there. Praise God, I’m back home in New Zealand where strangers  smile first at you, even chat. Only a few inches away right opposite me was an extremely good-looking male, in a business suit who was maybe about 30ish. His face was so perfect in proportion it was too irresistible for me not to look up at it to try to remember it again. I’m very visual with a photographic memory, and sometimes I dwell on people’s faces again in my mind to try to figure out whom they are in the eternal scheme of things, as humans evolving to perfection. Maybe because I’m right brained I try to link one thing to another to connect a bigger picture. I endless compare faces in my mind with each other to try to find a pattern of evolution.

 I looked at this man and thought..nah nobody on this entire planet could look that good. I don’t mean like a male model with the chiselled jaw, instead his face looked evolved as if it had experiences you’d never get on Earth. I mean, heck all we do here is sleep, eat, work, eat, chat, housework, read, watch TV, show affection, whatever, sleep again etc and start all over…generally speaking.

His face looked as if he knew everything, could love everyone, and most of all he looked as if he cared deeply about us with the depth of a whole universe. Unlike the possible ‘Maitreya’ with his flashy grin hoping for fame. I tried not to stare at him because in London you don’t smile at strangers, in case they are crazy and stalk you. This man didn’t look back or acknowledge me, even though it would have to be obvious he knew I’d noticed he was a bit masterful, given my proximity to him and how anyone in the carriage would look next to him, mainly a wreck in the rat race. He stood about 6 feet and had short brown hair, cut very neatly. His eyes were blue and his suit was dark. He was slim. He didn’t have a coloured aura surrounding him. Just a body, and no emanations.

He looked and felt like the calm in the middle of a storm of chaotic energies emanating from everyone nearby, including my own. His deep peace seeped into my soul and my perception of time started slowing down until it came to a halt. This whole ‘act’ of trying to exist on earth seemed irrelevant and started to unravel. I don’t mean a case of love at first sight with a stranger and all else becomes still, this was different. Life itself started to become an illusion and some bigger ‘me’ that existed as a universal spirit became pronounced and I felt the freedom from escaping the grindstone requirements necessary to grow in the physical world. This was my epiphany—so life is just going through the motions in a spherical part of a bigger playgound with galaxies all around…It was a bit like after death and losing the body. Somehow Earth just became transparent and faded for a moment, while something more real broke through and it was all under the control of this man. He had the power to thin all the barriers to the spiritual worlds until the biggest universal one appeared. wow

I knew he ruled the universe, his scope reached from now to Eternity. It was his universe and his say on who got to be in Eternity with him as its ruler. His hands went deep into our world to bring results to give aid. I heard a familiar telepathic voice say: He works for UN as a consultant to ask people direct to give aid to those who need it. Someone with me spiritually, possibly in the etheric world wanted to be there with us and cement a bond, knowing I’d admire that trait in him and open up. However I didn’t pick up any of this thoughts or feelings as he was completely in control of himself and nothing escaped.
My consciousness returned to the harsh world of senses when he tapped me on the shoulder. There is a seat over there he said in a cultured English accent. His kind eyes looked familiar but he was completely undetectable as not being one of us. I know this man I thought, but why is too deep to fathom right now. I sat down and straight away a seat to the left became vacant and he sat there. He felt like a hologram and I laughed to myself, as I had a friend who was very etheric and she felt like one too, but this man was even finer in energy and very powerful in concentrated force. Curiosity drove me to see if my mental body could move near him. I wanted to experience his cosmic consciousness, but my wandering mental body slammed back to my head. It was repelled by an impenetrable force around this man which made his mind a no-go area. It was like all the energy of the universe was tightly wound up in his head, but so shielded nobody could penetrate or even detect it. There was not even the slightest indication he had anything else to him other than a physical body like anyone, but try to get in his mind, oh boy that was dangerous!

I sat there for some stops next to him and then I heard really loudly from him in my head, “We are among you.” After which he got up and exited the tube train. I always wondered who that was, yet I always believed it was also a human of divine origin who had the universe at his helm, but never once considered it may have been Jesus, until years later after I became a Christian in 1984 and started acknowledging His existence. This was when He appeared again to me in an amazing cosmic experience, when I picked up a book about Him in a shop and it finally broke my refusal to believe He was still here, as strongly as ever. Yet it does say quite plainly in the Bible Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world. He is king of the universe.

I wrote a story about it here:

MORE of the interview with "Misty" in the future, after she answers question 2!

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