Sunday, June 13, 2010

It is believed a UFO landed in Pontianak, Indonesia

I'm loving the translation of this article. From what I can make out, supposedly a kid videotaped a halo around the sun, and then a UFO appeared in the video too. Check it out for yourself and see if you gt the same message out of this "translation:"

UFO is a puzzle that there is no certainty until now because the object is very difficult to identify the presence, or perhaps he is more advanced than human technology to go undetected altogether, here are info that UFOs come in Pontianak Indonesia, ntah true or not that sure that the camera recorded. 

unique event in Pontianak city sky camera recorded a child, on Friday (06/11/2010). Daily Morning Tribune editorial Pontiac receive the video links on this Saturday at around 00:25 pm through interactive Facebook account Tribun Pontianak. The sender called himself in the West Pontiac Facebook account as Dahlia Market. In a written status at around 18:45, he wrote: the appearance of UFOs in Pontianak, this morning about 11 hours passed before the Friday prayers. Residents Gang Suka Maju In two Pontiac saw the strange happenings of the rainbow circled the sun. This moment could be recorded using a camera phone of a young boy named Ari. When the sun is engrossed in recording these peculiarities, was suddenly seen a UFO was observing the sun.This is truly bizarre incident that has never happened in Pontianak.

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